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In the first year of my BA degree, I came to realise that I wanted to pursue a career in law. My secondary school and Sixth Form didn’t teach law which is why I hadn’t considered it for university. The most ‘out-there’ subjects were A-level Business Studies or Psychology (these were new options introduced to the school). Law, as a career, didn’t appear to cross our mind. So, at university, I emailed law lecturers, the head of the law school, admissions staff, etc, but I had no chance of transferring to a law degree. However, after weeks of pleading emails and persistent rejection, hope presented itself. A lecturer informed me about the Accelerated LLB Law course. But what is it?

In this article, I will explain what the Accelerated LLB (Bachelor of Laws degree) course is, my outlook of the programme and how the course differs from the GDL (Graduate Diploma of Law). I will follow this section with the advantages and disadvantages of the Accelerated LLB in question. Although you must come to your own conclusion, I have inferred that the LLB degree is the best option for someone looking to gain a clear understanding of core areas of law. What is the Accelerated LLB?

The Accelerated course is a two-year LLB, exclusive to graduates. Most university acceptance conditions rely on students achieving a 2:1 from their previous degree. SI-UK (Study in UK) provides a list of the universities currently offering the course; there are about twenty in the UK.

Potential students are to complete a UCAS undergraduate application. The online form will be the same as your first degree application and will likewise be available via the UCAS website. You are required to fill in your details, such as your name and education, alongside a personal statement (I know. Please, no, not again). If you feel that you may need additional help, UCAS will answer any enquiries via email or telephone. And because the course is an undergraduate degree, the application remains the same. Why not a one-year GDL?

I met with a […]

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