There’s nothing wrong with ranking the 10 Best Cat GIFs On The Internet, but once someone starts ranking something as serious as the quality of law schools, there’s a moral obligation not to recklessly steer grads wrong. People are depending on these rankings to make a massive professional and financial decision.

So you can’t go out and write something like: A number of excellent law schools consistently graduating classes with high bar passage rates as well as significant employment outcomes exist outside the T14. And then list schools with 50 percent employment scores. Spoiler: Someone wrote that and then listed schools with 50 percent employment scores.

We’re the first to cast a side eye upon U.S. News & World Report for throwing dubiously useful rankings at earnest undergrads trying to cut through the hype and figure out where to go to law school, but at least there’s a methodology to USNWR’s madness. We may not agree with counting library books to determine the best law school in the land, but at least the unnecessary rankings they introduce are backed by something .

After pointing out that New England Law Boston’s dean will be leaving with a retirement package of over $5.3 million despite guiding the school to absolutely nowhere in the rankings, a tipster pointed me to a publication, the College Gazette, promising readers that New England Law is “on the rise.” Since I’ve already seen Star Wars, I know how disappointing a “Rise” can be, but that didn’t prepare me for the ramshackle mess of this article.

“ 10 Prominent Law Schools On the Rise ” is a mess from the headline because if a law school is already prominent… where is it rising to? But it boldly leaps from there to a misleading point about how you don’t need to go to a T14 to be successful — which is true — without noting that when it lists New York Law School that institution is not, in fact, Vanderbilt. What qualifies as a law school on the rise? One, the school has to have demonstrated significant achievement as well as excellent […]

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