Life is about relationships, especially mentor-mentee relationships . Mentors are people with more experience or knowledge and informally guide a mentee, person with less experience or less knowledge.

But why is having a mentor so vital?

You’ve probably heard the saying — “ it’s not about what you know, it’s who you know .” Well, true story. It is all about who you know and having the emotional intelligence to leverage powerful industry connections is king., even in the legal community. While a pretty small crowd, it would behoove you as a law student, candidate sitting for the state’s bar exam, or even a new attorney, to begin identifying and developing these relationships as early as possible.

And this process starts the first day you begin law school. Keep in mind, you may be “competing” for these connections with students or classmates who have previously interned or worked in a law firm, courtroom, or prosecutor’s office. Meaning, you have catching up to do in putting your networking skills to use!

But if you’re feeling overwhelmed already and thinking that you haven’t planned this out this early, that’s okay, because when I started my first day of law school, neither did I. It may take you your 2L or 3L year to begin to identify these potentially invaluable relationships — or even into your first year of practice. Who cares, jump on-board when you can.

Even if you aren’t sure what area of law you want to practice, you’ll still want to identify someone you can look to for guidance and advice — whether it’s one of your law professors, your boss at your internship/externship, another attorney, or even a judge.

Mentors are a legal world lifeline because no one becomes successful in isolation. Finding people who inspire you is necessary to succeed in life and in the legal community.

How do you find mentors? Here are five tips to assist in your search for a legal mentor. #1 — Treat Everyone With Kindness & Respect

“If you want to know what a man’s like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his […]

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