LexisNexis has long been one of the top names when it comes to legal research. The Lexis you may remember from your law school days, however, is not the same Lexis that’s changing the legal research game today.

We sat down with Paul Speca, VP of the Large Law and Law School Market at LexisNexis, to discuss Lexis Advance , the sophisticated platform that’s revolutionizing legal research through AI technology, analytics, and visualization, and how it’s making waves with the next generation of lawyers.

How is Lexis Advance different from the Lexis that many attorneys may have been familiar with in the past?

Lexis is a very different company than it was when today’s practicing associates experienced it in law school. The change was a result of the $1.2 billion investment we made to reinvent the core platform and develop LexisAdvance. We invested in the platform, we invested in preparing students to practice law, and we invested in buying or building emerging technologies. It was an ambitious endeavor, because we needed both a new platform and new content systems to feed that platform in order to enable us to do new things with content and big data that we couldn’t do before, like analytics and visualization. In the end, we were able to bring all our products together to work as one integrated product, all accessible through Lexis Advance.

What were some of those emerging technology investments you just mentioned?

We focused on acquiring technologies that would allow us to really exploit the capabilities of the data in our new platform. We acquired Ravel Law , known for its case law visualizations, Lex Machina , known for legal analytics, and Intelligize , known for finding legal precedent. We also very recently formed a joint venture with Knowable , a leader in contract analytics. At the same time, we built out some impressive new features, such as our Context product, which focuses on legal language analytics, and Search Terms Maps , which use visualization to enhance case search queries.

What are some of the key features of Lexis Advance that are […]

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