Thanksgiving is almost upon us, and before you gobble down some turkey, why not gobble down some new law school rankings? The Princeton Review recently released its annual law school ranking, covering the best 167 law schools in the country (up from 165 last year, and disregarding the fact that there are ~200 law schools with varying degrees of accreditation by the American Bar Association). Our condolences to the thirty-odd law schools that were unable to make the cut for the Princeton Review’s 2020 edition of the rankings — it must sting knowing that your institution is part of the small sliver of law schools that aren’t among the “best.”

We’ve focused on one of the 14 rankings categories that we thought people would be the most interested in: The law schools where graduates have the best career prospects. It wasn’t long ago that the Princeton Review’s loose definition of “career prospects” meant an entire class of law graduates could be putting the “bar” in “barista,” but thankfully the methodology was changed about four years ago, and these career rankings actually mean something now.

Princeton Review’s “Best Career Prospects” results are now based on highly relevant data reported by law school administrators, including median starting salaries, the percentage of students employed in jobs requiring bar passage (and not employed by the school), and the percentage of students who were able to pass the bar exam on their first try. The Princeton Review also relies on responses from student surveys.

Here are the top 10 law schools on the Princeton Review’s “Best Career Prospects” list for 2020. Things really changed for T14 schools over the course of the past year:

> New York University School of Law (no change)

University of Virginia School of Law (ranked #4 last year)

Duke University School of Law (not ranked last year)

Stanford University School of Law (ranked #9 last year)

Harvard University Law School (no change) Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law (ranked #7 last year) University of Chicago Law School (ranked #3 last year) Columbia University School of Law (ranked #2 last year) University of […]

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