Las Vegas Latino Bar Association Board of Directors members Claudia Aguayo and Romeo Perez, center, are pictured with nine of 17 recipients of their 2019 ¡Andale! Scholarship. The scholarship can be used to cover LSAT preparation course and exam fees. The Las Vegas Latino Bar Association (LBA) honored a man who has made a significant contribution to the Hispanic legal community as well as a group of young Latinos they expect will make a difference in the field one day.

At its inaugural Inspira Awards Celebration on Oct. 30, the LBA awarded 17 ¡Andale! Scholarships to students hoping to go to law school, in the amount of $1,839 each. The scholarship covers the cost of a Kaplan in-person Law School Admission Test (LSAT) preparation course and LSAT-related fees.

“The prep courses and exam can be expensive, and some people may not be able to make that investment,” LBA President Marisa Rodriguez said. “I know this may be the difference between someone going or not going to law school. Taking a prep course will help them get a better LSAT score, and a higher LSAT score increases the chances of being admitted to law school. A higher LSAT score could also lead to academic scholarships. We’re giving them $1,839, but they may end up with more of their law school paid for because of it.”

Scholarship recipients recognized were: Mario Jael Aguayo Oropeza, Areli Alarcon, Julio Ray Cisneros, Gabrielle Corona, Gabriela Dorado Martinez, Valeria Cecilia Gamez, Monserrath Hernandez, Natale Elizabeth Muro, Vincent Nava, Magaly Ereida Quezada, Mauro Quiroga Claros, America Reyes Marcos, Leslie Yukye Reyes, Julian Alfredo Sarabia, Kathia Linette Sotelo Calderon, Selena Torres and Rodrigo Vazquez.

The students were chosen from a field of nearly 30 applicants after the LBA reached out to universities and community colleges in Nevada and the Hispanic National Bar Association promoted it. Although she wasn’t part of the selection process, Rodriguez said she read the applications, and the recipients are all people who have what it takes to get into law school, thrive while they are there and after they graduate, and use their law degree for good […]

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