UNH Law Innovation is not merely a trend or buzzword, but a concept that’s highly sought-after.

To stay relevant and keep up with the times, firms and companies must continuously innovate so they can penetrate global markets faster and grow their businesses.

With the rise of innovation come new products and patents, which is why intellectual property (IP) and patent law is a thriving field many aspiring lawyers want to get involved in.

According to World Intellectual Property Organisation , “As there are many players involved in facilitating the market success of an innovation, the effective use of the tools of IP will play an important role in reducing risk for the players involved, who may then be able to reap acceptable returns for their participation in the process.”

In the right academic law environment with supportive faculty and the opportunity for hands-on learning, future lawyers in intellectual property and patent law can thrive and become prepared for entry into the dynamic field.

At the University of New Hampshire (UNH) Franklin Pierce School of Law , consistently ranked in the top 10 for intellectual property law according to US News and World Report , the ability to keep up with current industry trends and provide students with a cutting-edge legal education sets this institution apart from other top-tier law schools.

John Orcutt, who has been a Professor of Law at the School for 18 years, said, “UNH Law’s strength has always been its ability to see what’s coming next with law and legal practice. When the school was founded in 1973, intellectual property was not a major focus in law schools.

“Yet the school recognized intellectual property’s coming importance with the rise of the information age. Today, the school focuses on intellectual property, technology, and data rights. This is a world characterized by constant change and increasing complexity.” UNH School of Law Learning through practical experience

At UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law, students are taught and mentored by expert faculty who support learners through their entire law education.Alexandra J. Roberts, who teaches Trademarks & Deceptive Practices at UNH Franklin Pierce Law, explained how students graduate […]

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