Robson Hall law students in front of Hertford College at the University of Oxford where they participated in the Desautels Oxford Program in International and Comparative Business Law and Society. Robson Hall students gain new perspectives from UK learning experience

The idea was to expose law students to the actual practice of International Law and all that it entails. The end result was 40 young minds changed forever with new perspectives of what it means to be a lawyer practicing business law in a global economy.

Jet lag is all part of the job when working in the field of International Business Law – that and so much more, as 40 University of Manitoba law students learned this August when they flew to England for a new two-week international program offered through Robson Hall. Dr. Jonathan Black-Branch, Dean of Law and Desautels Chair for Private Enterprise and the Law, wanted to make the experience as real as possible for the second and third-year law students who took part in the first Desautels Oxford Program in International and Comparative Business Law and Society held at the University of Oxford.

“By creating this program, I wanted to give Robson Hall students the opportunity to experience and witness how the moving parts of a global economy work, with the hope of teaching them that International Business Law is not a remote concept that has nothing to do with our daily lives,” said Black-Branch. “As an educator, I feel it is my duty to share my knowledge and experiences with our students, and it was very important to me to help them understand the practice and implications of international law in person through this experience.”

Black-Branch, who primarily taught the course along with a number of guest lecturers, has close connections with the world’s second-oldest university, having held academic leadership roles at Oxford prior to assuming the role of Dean at Robson Hall in 2016. Lessons for this program focussed on European Union law and business law within the European and international context. Students learned about laws pertaining to the free movement of peoples, goods, […]

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