Long Way Round by George Monastiriakos. Photo: George Monastiriakos/Provided Monastiriakos raps about his life experiences on songs recorded over past years

A lot of law students listen to rap music, but George Monastiriakos might be the only one making his own. He’s been doing it for a while, and he’s preparing to drop three albums in three weeks this month.

Monastiriakos started rapping when he was a kid and he began freestyling back in elementary school. Him a few friends made what he calls his first professional recording in 2011. For a long time, rapping was his career goal, though he’s done school and work in between. Nowadays, rapping isn’t a career goal, but it’s still something he takes seriously.

Monastiriakos says releasing the string of albums this month is “long overdue.” He’s spent the past few years trying to set up the infrastructure to release the albums.That meant finding a good recording studio and engineer, getting the sound right, starting up his own label, working to get his music onto streaming services, and generally making sure that he has as much control as possible over the business side of things.

The first record of the three albums is called Long Way Round, comprising songs written and recorded between 2014 and 2016. The second album, How You Feel Inside, was written and recorded last year. The third album is called Unrequited Love, consisting of songs recorded this spring.

“My music is very personal, emotional, it’s not commercial, there’s a big emphasis on the lyrics, on the delivery, on the passion,” Monastiriakos said. “It’s very conscious, not mainstream.”

Each album tackles a different theme. For instance, Long Way Round deals with Monastiriakos’ life up to that point, including his travels, business experience, and a shoulder surgery that put the usually outgoing rapper into a secluded period. His newest recordings on Unrequited Love all concern love and relationships.

“I named it Unrequited Love ,” Monastiriakos said. “It basically means when you love something that either can’t or doesn’t love you back. I wouldn’t say that it’s based on heartbreak per se, but that’s a theme throughout the […]

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