Now what? What now? I’m not referring to the three events of domestic terrorism within the past week, although maybe I should. Now that the bar exam is over, purgatory begins, the time between finishing the exam and getting the results. You are neither fish nor fowl waiting for the results.

What to do during purgatory? There are lots of options, depending upon your situation.

> For those who have jobs, it’s back to work. And if you have that elusive job, then do your best, but don’t try to be perfect . Deadlines abound. Just get it done.

For those looking for work, it’s time to polish that résumé and get as many informational interviews as possible. The more the better. Informational interviews can be as simple as cups of coffee. You want to know everything you can possibly learn about the area(s) of practice you are interested in and who might be able to help you. It’s easy to learn a bunch of new stuff because I assume that you did a brain/data dump as soon as the exam was over, but don’t throw your study materials away just yet. There will be time for it when results are in.

Volunteer, be it at a law firm, legal clinic, wherever you can clerk for someone at no cost to them. Everything and anything you learn will be helpful, even if it’s just file maintenance. My law school BFF tells the story of a young man who walked down the entire length of Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills (a not insignificant distance) dropping his résumé off at every law firm of whatever size and hoping to get an interview. His last stop was in my friend’s building. He snared an interview and clerked for him for six months or so and was even paid! Persistence and good supportive shoes made the day.

If you have any spare cash (ha!), take some time off. If not, don’t fret, as most of the examinees aren’t awash in disposable income. Student loan repayment is high on the list of reasons for “no […]

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