SOUTH BEND — It’s the final week of class for many students.

A Clay High School senior is wrapping up what’s been a record-breaking career.

Mikayla Sorensen has 73 credits. Add in 38 college credits and two honorary degrees, and you’ve got an impressive resume to complete in four years.

It’s a feat that puts her at the top in the Clay history books.

Sorensen says she had a specific plan going into high school to complete every course she wanted.

“I had to do summer school every summer in order to get all my classes done plus tons of AP classes,” said Sorensen.

Breaking the record was never her goal; in fact, she really didn’t notice how many credits she had accumulated.

“Once I got to this year second semester I had 64, and this semester hadn’t even finished," said Sorensen. "That’s when I was like ‘Oh I have a lot more credits than I thought I had.’"Principal Tim Pletcher says he’s simply amazed, since Mikayla’s nearly doubled the requirement to graduate.“I think it’s a testament to the student herself and her work ethic,” said Pletcher.It’s a work ethic she says started with her parents.“They kind of kept me and my brother on the higher end of academics, so it definitely came from them,” said Sorensen.She says all the work left little time for her social life, but it wasn’t just the school work."I also did mock trial, theater and soccer,” said Sorensen.“She’s kind of like a pretty cool walking billboard for Clay High School and all the things we offer students if they are willing to take advantage of them,” said Pletcher.Sorensen says all the work has her set up for whatever path she wants to take.“I’m going to go to Purdue Northwest and major in chemistry, minor in culinary," said Sorensen. "After that, I would like to go to law school."Pletcher says that hard work and mindset has him confident."Whatever she decides to do, whatever passion she finally settles on and says this is what I’m going to go after full force. I’m confident she will be successful because she’s already […]

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