The sounds of old school salsa and bolero filled the air of John Jay College’s Moot Court on May 14, as students, family, and faculty gathered to celebrate the Latin American and Latina/o Studies Department’s (LLS) end of the year event. The event honored the Class of 2019 students, who graduated with a major or minor from the department. “This is a celebration of our graduates, and it’s also a celebration of the important work that our department does to promote student success,” said José Luis Morín, Professor and Chairperson of the Latin American and Latina/o Studies (LLS) Department.

Speaking of the importance of having a dedicated faculty, Morín said, “LLS faculty are more than just professors. They’re mentors, they’re student advocates, and they’re role models. And role models are really important, because you can’t be what you can’t see.” For students at John Jay, where 51 percent of the student body identifies as Latinx, having a professor that looks like them, serves as inspiration. “Faculty of color are known, and the research shows this, for creating an effort to promote student success and to be there for students of color,” said Morín. Professor José Luis Morín gives his opening remarks “LLS faculty are more than just professors. They’re mentors, they’re student advocates, and they’re role models.” –Professor José Luis Morín

Reiterating his point, Professor Morín invited several students to the stage to say a few words about their experiences with faculty-led programs that include: the ¡Adelante! Latinx Leadership Program , Unaccompanied Latin American Minor Project (U-LAMP) , the Ronald H. Brown Law School Prep Program , and the Rossana Rosado Fellowship. All the programs provide students with opportunities and experiences to help them achieve their dreams. A student telling the audience about her experience with the ¡Adelante! Program Students’ Experience
Graduating with an LLS Minor, Laura Alvarado ’19, spoke of her time with ¡Adelante! and how the program provided her with support and a sense of community within the College. “¡Adelante! was the help I needed to transition into college. This program became a safety net because it […]

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