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The Bar Exam results are in, and Liberty University School of Law 2018 graduates posted the highest bar passage rate among first time test takers in school history, with 95.65 percent passing this year. The results include both the February and July Bar Exams. Members of the Liberty University School of Law Class of 2018. (Photo by Jessie Rogers) “This is a huge milestone — we beat our previous record by nearly five points,” Liberty Law Dean B. Keith Faulkner said. “We have a lot of forward momentum thanks to the hard work and dedication of our faculty and the phenomenal performance of our graduates.”

“I’m thrilled at the ongoing achievements made by our School of Law,” added President Jerry Falwell. “These recent results testify to the fact that Liberty Law provides its students with a quality education and prepares them for successful legal careers.”

Liberty Law also recently saw its highest employment rate to date in the Class of 2017 (numbers for this year’s class will be finalized next spring).

The Liberty Law Class of 2018 took the bar in 15 jurisdictions, achieving a 100 percent pass rate in all but Virginia, where the rate was 88.24 percent. The national average for first-time Bar Exam takers from American Bar Association (ABA) accredited law schools in 2017 was 75 percent. The number that same year was 59 percent overall, 64 percent among all ABA accredited law school graduates.

Faulkner noted that Virginia is historically among the most difficult exams in the nation. He also pointed out that it is extremely rare for a law school to have graduates take the bar in so many different jurisdictions. Therefore, most law schools focus on preparing their students to take the bar in the state they are in.

“At Liberty, we don’t just teach you to pass a state bar, we train you to think like a lawyer and that translates to any jurisdiction,” Faulkner said.

Professor of Law Rena Lindevaldsen explained that Liberty makes a huge commitment to the academic and Bar Exam success of its students, including regular assessments and encouragement from faculty.

“I am […]

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