JEREMY DANG / AGGIE How to navigate the pre-law journey

Virtually all pre-law students can attest to the fact that preparing for law school can be a strenuous and stress-inducing process. What with prepping for the LSAT, securing letters of recommendation from professors, being on the hunt for internship opportunities and writing and polishing their personal statements, many pre-law students find themselves engulfed in a never-ending pool of obligations with no relief in sight.

Thankfully, there are a multitude of campus resources and organizations specifically designed to make the journey to law school less overwhelming for students. For example, Mock Trial Club at UC Davis gives students a hands-on approach to learning the process of criminal procedure. The knowledge that they gain from their experiences in Mock Trial will follow them throughout their law school application processes and beyond.

“We are basically a pre-law club in which our members get to learn the federal rules of evidence and take on roles, such as attorneys or witnesses, in a real courtroom setting,” said Ariel Mendlin, a third-year history major and president of Mock Trial Club. “We get a fake case pattern every year, and we compete against other universities. If [we] make it to the national competition, we get a brand new case and we have about three weeks to prepare.”

Mendlin said that her time in Mock Trial Club has not only solidified her career goals but also given her invaluable insights on how to achieve them.

“[Mock Trial Club] definitely gave me the idea that I want to go to law school,” Mendlin said. “I joined Mock Trial because I did mock trial in high school for four years and I really enjoyed it. [Mock Trial] gives me the foundational knowledge of the rules of evidence, which is an entire course in law school.”

Most, if not all, pre-law students would agree that without some form of guidance, the road to law school can be plagued with uncertainty — this is especially true for students who have never been exposed to the vigor of the law school application process. The Black Pre-Law Student […]

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