(Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images) It’s rare that someone from Harvard Law can garner your sympathy, what with their bright shining future just staring at them and all that, but this is the story to do that. See, this poor Harvard kid just got OWNED by a firm he interviewed with. It’s at once awful and entertaining, so obviously it’s perfect fodder for Above the Law.

Picture it: you’re Harry Harvard and you’ve survived the gauntlet of screening interviews. You’ve even managed to secure some callbacks and you’re well on your way living the summer associate dream. After meeting you at OCI, the powers that be at Edelson PC contact you for a callback interview. Then in the midst of trying to coordinate schedules — seemingly apropos of nothing at all — the recruiting contact drops this line: At this point, I think bringing you in for a callback interview would be a waste of your time, and ours. That’s way harsh, and super inappropriate. Like how hard is it for the firm to fake it through a few interviews? Maybe they had a good reason to cut off this interview process but how can a firm professional write something like this and expect to be taken seriously by future law students seeking a good faith interview.

Poor Harry responds in a much more cordial and professional fashion than many in his position would: Got it. Thanks. And oh yeah, we’ve got the receipts. The utter lack of additional information is also perplexing…. like what did Harry do? Does he not have the GPA they thought he did? Did they confuse Harry with another student they do want to callback? Is the price of an interview lunch just too damn high?

In any event, at least Harry appears to be in good spirits about the whole fiasco. And that’s the real lesson here: getting lots of callbacks and offers might be nice for your ego, but you only need one job. No matter how bad any one interview is, just pick yourself back up and try again, try again. Kathryn Rubino is […]

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