Aliff Fazelbhoy was not the typical grade A student. After getting mediocre marks in his graduate studies, Aliff paved a path into the legal sector. But how did he do it? With the legal industry being highly competitive, Aliff shares how self-belief mixed with sheer determination made him conquer the legal sphere.

What inspired and motivated you to take up law as a profession and what keeps you motivated?

Call it destiny or fate or chance. I am a great believer that destiny has a few things planned for all of us, but these plans need to be put into action and that is up to each individual.

As a 19 year old commerce graduate with rather poor marks, I had no clue what I would do in life other than join our family business and sell auto spare parts. A friend, also from a business family casually mentioned to me that he was enrolling in law as his dad told him it may help in the business. I had read a few books on high profile legal cases and business law was one of the few subjects during my graduate studies where I did well… That’s how I ended studying law at the Government Law College (GLC) in Mumbai.

That decision changed my life. Within the first month of attending law college, I knew I had found my calling and that there was no looking back.

My late grandfather was my inspiration. He was by all accounts a super solicitor who rarely lost a case. Unfortunately, he died a year before I was born. On a lighter note, my late mother was delighted when I took up law as she believed I was her father’s double to follow in his footsteps.

In September this year, I will complete 30 years as a lawyer and there has not been a day that I have been bored at work. The varied nature of work I do ensures this. That, and the simple “thank you” or “job well done” note that I often get from clients after a matter or a deal is closed […]

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