A number of new recordings are available from Norman Baird at London Law Lectures. These are excellent resources for deepening your knowledge, and a great benefit to revision before exams.

Here are some samples:

Law of Contract
Consideration: Issues covered include: identifying consideration; the requirement that consideration must move from the promisee; sufficiency and adequacy of consideration constrasted;past consideration; pre-existing duties – public law duty, duty owed to third party; duty to owed to ‘contracting’ party; agreements to pay more; agreements to accept less. Lecturer: Gianni Vuolo. Duration 46 minutes (approx) CLICK HERE

Promissory Estoppel: Issues covered include: Origin of the doctrine of promissory estoppel; Requirements of the doctrine: a clear and unequivocal promise, reliance on the promise, inequitable to go back on the promise; Effect of promissory estoppel on pre-existing rights; Relationship between promissory estoppel and the case of Foakes v Beer. Lecturer: Gianni Vuolo.Duration 46 minutes CLICK HERE

Equity and Trusts
Resulting trusts: In this lecture the following topics are considered: the classification of resulting trusts – ‘automatic’ and ‘presumed’ resulting trusts, failure of transfer of equitable title, Quistclose trusts, surplus of trusts funds, purchase of property in the name of another, voluntary transfer of property to another; the presumption of advancement; rebuttal of the presumptions; the admissibility of evidence of intended unlawful activity; the theoretical basis for resulting trusts. Lecturer: Mohamed Ramjohn. Duration: 35 minutes (approx) CLICK HERE

Criminal Law
Homicide – Loss of Control: In this lecture the partial defence to murder of loss of control in s54 of the Coroners and Justice Act 2009 is considered in detail. Lecturer: Norman Baird. Duration: 47 minutes (approx).CLICK HERE

LLL also offers revision seminars and is now open for 2017 sessions. Booking is now open. The seminars take place at University College London, Gower Street. London WC1. Click here for more information.

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