Guardian-logo-018-624x351From The Guardian, a list of answers most commonly asked by aspiring lawyers. Answered by experts based on the most common questions asked at several talks at law schools around London in May 2016.

The questions are:

  1. How much of the knowledge gained on the Legal Practice Course (LPC) will I use as a trainee solicitor?
  2. Is there anything I can do to prepare me for the start of a training contract?
  3. Can I submit an application again if it’s rejected? If so, how will it be compared to the first attempt?
  4. Is it advisable to connect with graduate recruitment on social media?
  5. What are the hours really like?
  6. How do I decide what type of lawyer I want to be?
  7. How did you choose your training contract seats? Is there a best order?
  8. How do lawyers stay commercially aware?

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