youve-entered-law-landWe came across this new (to us) law student blog, this one from Will in Australia. Will completed his JD and now works at a law firm as a junior lawyer. Unlike many law student blogs, Will began his blog after his degree, in order to provide encouragement to law students who are doing their best in what can be a difficult and uncertain field.

This is a nice addition to the law student blog universe, because often law student blogs die on the vine after the student completes the degree. Thus, we get a lot of information from current students, but not a lot from those who have been students and have the perspective of looking back. (This, of course, matches what we do here at Legal Yankee.)

The site is nicely done, easy to scan and read. In addition to the blog, he had sections about “preparing for law school” and “legal jobs.” Here are a few recent post titles:

Take a look at the site, and subscribe to his newsletter on the sidebar.

Thank you, Will! We appreciate your work and look forward to your continued postings.

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