Jurisprudence diagrams coverWe are pleased to introduce our Course Diagrams for the study of jurisprudence. Most of our study aids deal with foundation courses, but we often have requests for study aids for more advanced courses. Thanks to Markus McDowell for putting these together for us!

The study aid is available as a downloadable PDF or for the Kindle Fire models.  Like our other diagram and flowchart resources, the twenty pages of flowcharts and diagrams are designed to help you get the big picture of the theories, jurists, and terms of the study of jurisprudence. Use them to see an overall picture of each before you begin reading your texts, to organize your own notes, and to review and revise. Prepare for your exams by using them to test your knowledge on the details.

The diagrams cover sections on Imperative/Command Theory, Classical and Modern Natural Law Theory, extended sections on Hart’s seminal book, The Concept of Law, as well as coverage of Raz, Kelsen, Fuller, Dworkin, and treatments of  Marxist legal theory, liberalism, and feminist legal theory.

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